Thai Massage

Thai Massage



What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage is believed to have been developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha,
physician to Buddha, more than 2,500 years ago in India.

It made its way to Thailand, where the Ayurvedic techniques and principles gradually became influenced by traditional Chinese medicine.  For centuries, Thai Massage was performed by Buddhist monks as one component of Thai medicine.

thai-massage-400X267Thai massage uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy systems. Thai Massage is both deeply relaxing and energizing.  Your therapist, Marie, uses gentle compression and stretching techniques to open up your body and gently move your body into various positions without any work on your part. Thai Massage has its roots in a spiritual tradition, and its purpose is to heal a person physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Thai Massage is usually done on a padded mat on the floor and is more energizing and rigorous than more classic forms of massage. No oil is applied and you are fully dressed. Please bring or wear comfortable clothing to your massage.

Marie schedules 60, 90 and 120 minute massages.  Please contact Marie at 480.861.3698 or email her at for pricing, additional information or to schedule your Thai Massage.