Brenda Tree pose_2I have been practicing yoga since the mid 90’s, beginning with the Jivamukti Yoga Center in New York City. For the past 10 years, I’ve been attending Marie’s classes and she is one of my all time favorite teachers! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about all things yoga, she has much wisdom and insight about the body, health, physiology, metaphysics and spirituality. I enjoy her great sense of humor and taste in music also. She shares her love, wisdom, and fun personality whenever she leads a class!”

-Brenda J, Yoga Student


Deborah_GoffI first met Marie in teacher training. I was drawn to her warm, funny and passionate outlook on life. She became a teacher at the studio where I practiced. In her classes I felt taken care of and honored in my personal yoga journey. She remained warm, funny and passionate. I began working at the studio after awhile and got to know her in a different way. I realized she was one of the few teachers who arrived a little earlier to talk to her students, she welcomed new students and made sure she knew EVERY single person’s name. After class she always made sure to make contact with any one who needed to talk. Marie, in every way, is the consummate yoga instructor: knowledgeable, caring, approachable, and passionate.

– Deb G, Yoga Student


HeatherWSMarie’s classes are truly a wonderful experience. Not only does she always teach fun sequences, but she is very insightful and incorporates personal experiences into class that I can always relate to. She plays great music that helps me to get into a nice flow and “feel” the poses. She has a way of blending her lighthearted personality with the more profound side of yoga. I really love that she uses student’s names on a regular basis and it seems that she really cares about each individual student. As a fellow yoga instructor, I’ve been influenced by her to carry her positive outlook and compassionate approach into my own classes. And let’s not forget about the amazing massages she offers at the end of class…equal parts relaxing and refreshing due to the China Gel she uses!

– Heather W.S., Yoga Student and Fellow Yoga Instructor



When I first met Marie in her yoga class, she guided us through Moon Salutations. I thought of myself as a seasoned yoga student and thought, “This girl must be confused; it’s sun salutations – not moon.” Well was I ever mistaken! Marie opened up a whole other side of yoga that I had never experienced. Through her teaching, she brings out the depth of this ancient art in ways that touch your very soul. Marie has a way of bringing pieces of our lives into the yoga so that we can take the yoga into our lives off the mat. She is as real as it gets. Authentic is her middle name. If you are fortunate enough to cross paths with this jewel of the west, you will remember it forever. Marie has left a beautiful imprint on my life and I count it pure joy to have her as a teacher and friend.

– Heidi B.


Brigitte YancyMarie is an amazing yoga teacher! Not only are her classes enjoyable, fun and challenging, but she is always offering me new ways to grow through my yoga practice on every level. As a fellow yoga teacher, I love watching Marie interact with her students. She knows them all by name and you can tell that her compassion and interest is genuine and heartfelt. I have learned a lot about what makes a GREAT yoga teacher by watching Marie teach her classes and interact with her students. And her Tuesday afternoon class at Inner Vision Yoga is one of my favorite ways to end a busy day! 

– Brigitte Y., Student and Fellow Teacher


Marie’s class is consistently interesting, fun, challenging and thought provoking. She has an amazing way of exuding love and caring for her students and urges them to care for themselves , as well.

-Christine F., Yoga Student